Auctions the auction process

The Treadway/Toomey Partnership

The John Toomey Gallery of Oak Park, Illinois and the Treadway Gallery of Cincinnati, Ohio have collaborated for auctions since 1987. With their roots in the Arts & Crafts market, soon Treadway/Toomey Auctions added Mid-Century and Fine Arts departments; today, these areas are still the focus of four major auctions each year. The unique collaboration brings together individual expertise across the realm of 20th century design.

Selling At Auction

We are always interested in consignments for any of our highly visible public auctions or to be placed privately. You can take advantage of one of the largest and best mailing lists in the industry, one built over these 37 years. Our catalogs are the finest in the business, our commissions are competitive, and payment is prompt. We can easily arrange transportation worldwide in a safe and efficient manner. Let us take care of the details.

Buying At Auction

We are happy to walk you through the auction process, feel free to call or email us today!

Options for bidding at auction:

  • Floor bidding – We encourage clients to bid live at the auctions in Oak Park. You can register as a floor bidder at the gallery the day of the sale. Our auctions begin at 10:00 a.m. CST and the auctioneer moves approximately 80-100 lots per hour. You are welcome to stay all day, pop in to bid on a single lot, or come in and out through the day. The registration form should take only a few minutes to complete.
  • Telephone bidding – If you are unable to attend (or prefer to bid from the comfort of your home, a baseball game, or a beach vacation), we will gladly call you for bidding on items valued at $500.00 or more. Telephone bidding is the next best thing to being live in our Oak Park gallery. You will need to register for bidding prior to the auction (by telephone or online at and one of our representatives will call you for live bidding when we reach the lot or lots you are interested in. Our representative will let you know what you will need to bid, and you simply say yes or no.
  • Absentee bidding – If you prefer to leave your top bid, and/or are not available for bidding during the sale, you can leave an absentee bid. You will need to register for bidding prior to the auction (by telephone or online at with lot number(s) and top bid(s), then one of our representatives will execute your bid competitively. (Meaning, we will bid on your behalf up to your top bid; the bidding will not start with your top bid.) The absentee bidder does not have any advantage over the other bidders. In the event of a tie bid, we give preference to the bidder who registers with us first.
  • Internet bidding – The internet bidding platform that we use is To bid online, you will need to first create a free account with, then register to bid at our upcoming auction. If you are a first-time bidder, or we need credit approval, you may receive an email asking for credit card information before we approve you for bidding.

More Information

  • Buyer’s premium – The buyer’s premium is added to the hammer price of all auction purchases.
    • In House Bidding (Floor Bidders, Telephone Bidders, Absentee Bidders)
      • 25% up to and including $100,000
      • 20% above $100,000 up to and including $1,000,000
      • 15% above $1,000,000
    • Internet Bidding ( and
        • 30% up to and including $100,000
        • 25% above $100,000 up to and including $1,000,000

      20% above $1,000,000

  • Sales Tax – Illinois and Ohio residents, and those clients picking up from our gallery, are also subject to state sales tax, unless we have a valid resale license on file.
  • Condition reports – Our online catalog offers additional condition information on many items. We are happy to answer any specific condition questions prior to the auction and/or send additional photographs of any items if you are unable to personally inspect the items. Ask questions before you bid, it is the buyer’s responsibility to be informed about the condition of auction items. All items are as sold as-is.
  • Terms & Conditions – For our detailed Terms & Conditions, please click here.
  • Shipping – As a service to our valued clients, we offer shipping quotes for auction purchases. We use the safest and most reliable methods of shipping that we are aware of. The client is always welcome to make his or her own arrangements for shipping. We are also happy to give pre-auction shipping quotes, but keep in mind that these quotes can take a few days to obtain from third-party shippers so please get any requests in early.